Can You Design A Healthy Chocolate Bar?

This was the difficult task that all year 7 students were set on a hugely successful business and enterprise day on the 18th April. In small teams they had to research, plan and finally launch their designs. The work drew heavily on the five enterprise skills that the school have identified as being essential to success in the business world: communication, teamwork, problem solving, original thinking, and leadership. HSBC kindly provided ten volunteers to support and finally assess the students’ work. All students got a lot out of the day but in the eyes of the judges a team from 7CSM (Jasmine Ingram, Michael Pawluk, Joe Omotola, Rianne Tyler, and Sophia Botterill) were crowned Year 7 Entrepreneurs of the year. The plan for their Chocofruit bar combined a variety of chocolate flavours with segments of orange and strawberry. The day culminated in their entertaining and innovative presentation which just beat excellent presentations from representatives of the other tutor groups.