Girls Football Winners!

Congratulations to the Under 12 Girls Football team who won the District Football Cup by beating Sponne and Roade. Fantastic achievement from the following Year 7 girls: B Hardisty, A Graham (scored 4), I Froude, P Horner (scored), B McLaren, G Thomas (scored), L Baldwin, H Brooke (scored), H Hurst and S Madsen.

Many congratulations also go to the Under 14 team with girls from Year 9 and Year 8 who played some great football and also won the District Cup at Under 14 level. Well done to Rl Britton (scored), J Shelswell, A Lumb, Z McAiney (scored 2), A Round (scored), M Davies, P Burgham, K Swanson, G Peters, E Long and J Tague.