School Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of our work at Caroline Chisholm School. The key elements of our homework policy are as follows:

  • Meaningful homework will be set regularly wherever it is appropriate. For most subjects the majority of the time this will mean one homework per week.
    On many occasions, this will mean written tasks which support or extend work done in lessons, but may also be more practical activities such as web-based research, preparation of IT-based presentations or materials for practical lessons, or watching news programmes of events related to current lesson topics.
  • Where possible, students will be given more than evening to complete and submit homework, although this may not always be the case where lessons take place on consecutive days.
  • For older students, homework will often take the form of assessed coursework assignments, which may take place over weeks or even months. This will usually be split up into components with interim deadlines, but may not appear as regular weekly entries in student planners.
  • All students are given a planner in which to record homework assignments. Planners should be checked each week and signed by parents. If there are any issues with homework, parents should contact their child’s form tutor in the first instance.

In previous years, we have produced a formal weekly homework timetable for each year group. However, the complexity of the pattern of homework and the commitment to students that they should be given more than one working day to complete it means that we have chosen not to publish such a timetable this year. Instead, parents should use the planner to check that their child is recording homework commitments. All students have a formal lesson timetable which is kept in the planner so that parents can see what lessons are taught each day.