School Nurse Appointed

We now have a School Nurse who is here to help you. The school nurse is the first person you may wish to speak to for confidential advice and information about your health. She has 2 main roles:

* To give you confidential advice, care and treatment
* To look after and protect your physical and emotional health

She is also looking after PSHE in the curriculum
What can I go and see the school nurse for?

To refer you to somebody else who can help you, e.g. a doctor
If you have long-term health problems
To talk about your health
To de-stress and get emotional support e.g. if you have problems at home or with your friends
To talk about your weight and healthy eating
To receive information and leaflets e.g. on how to give up smoking or for information about sex
To learn how to examine yourself e.g. for breast cancer or testicular cancer

Her drop-in times for emotional wellbeing issues are Tuesdays and Fridays from 12.00 – 13.30. For medical issues, please continue to go to the medical room.