GCSE Product Design


This is the first year of GCSE Product Design in the Textiles specialism. Since September we have been busy experimenting with various Textile techniques – weaving, appliqué, knitting, felting, embroidering and embellishing, bleaching and tie dying to name a few!

Why have we been doing this?

At the start of this half tem we launched the first major piece of coursework (Unit 1) and the previous work outlined above has given the pupils a good foundation of design and making skills. The pupils will build the coursework project from design concept to the marketing/costing stage and beyond. Our inspiration for this project is the influence of British fashion designers on our nation’s style – getting the “London look” is back in vogue!

A fantastic course with a commercial edge….

The commercial nature of the course exposes the pupils to a realistic, industrial, but creative vision of ideas; the holistic approach to the industry is an excellent basis for many career choices in the design industry from designer, buyer, merchandiser, quality controller, marketer, PR, etc.

Most of the pupils who opted for this course, want to pursue a career in the fashion/textile industry so this is a fantastic start. But even if you don’t want to be the next Stella McCartney or Versace, it’s an enjoyable subject to choose!