Girls U14 Rugby County Champions

On 28th February 14 Girls from year 7, 8 and 9 took part in the County Rugby Tournament. Since September a core group of girls have been committed to training in all weathers leading up to this fixture. For some it was their first experience of competitive, full contact rugby. The tournament was held at Wellingborough RFC and was contested by 3 schools. Despite a small turn out it represented the strongest U14 girl’s rugby in the county.

The first match was against a mainly year 9 team from Thomas Beckett School who easily beat our team for size and power. Despite this the girls did not shy away form the battle. The first try was run in by scrum half A Johns after a successful pick from the scrum. Early tries went with the scrum starts, but mistakes were made by the opposition as CCS put a great deal of pressure on them in defence. Tries were scored by some super support play in the offload and run in by S Fenlon-Smith, H Brooke and L Long. The match was won 6:1. After a short break the team were keen to get the next game started. After Thomas Becket losing to Ferrers it was apparent that it was crucial to win the final game. The Ferrers team had put in some great tackles in their first match and had excellent runners all over the field, it was going to be a tough match. Again the first two starts led to tries going with the starting team, but some excellent support play from A Johns (Scrum half) and H Brooke (Fly half) left huge holes in the Ferrers defence with the two off them being responsible for 2 tries each. There were some nail biting moments when Ferrers had the ball in hand and showed some strong handling skills, but excellent tackles were put in by L Dickins, H Brooke and A Hawksworth-Jones to hold off the attack. Two more tries were run in by A Hawksworth-Jones from some great forwards work driving across the line. A fantastic effort by all who took part. The team were S Fenlon-Smith, E Brennan, J Brook, M Blunt, L Dickins, L Long, E Long, H Hurst, A Johns, H Brooke, J Doherty, A Hawksworth-Jones, R Forrow, and N Chambers.

From the victory the team will now go forward to represent Northamptonshire at the Regional final in Nottingham on 11th March.

Congratulations Girls and Good Luck in the next round.

Miss Cozens