Mock Trial Competition

Mock Trials is a competition where you take on the role of someone in a criminal court, for example lawyers or witnesses.

This is the first year that Caroline Chisholm School have competed and with the aid of 3 teachers (Mrs Molloy, Mr McCormack and Mr Dallas) we put forward 2 teams, Caroline and Chisholm.

The competition was held on 1st March and we all arrived at the Magistrates Court at 9 o’clock. The first of our teams to be competing were Caroline Defence and Chisholm Defence and both teams duly won their verdicts (not guilty).

For the next round both our prosecution sides were up, and presented their cases really well. Caroline won their verdict (guilty), however Chisholm didn’t.

At 1 o’clock we had the presentation, our school (Caroline team) and Moulton School had won both their trials, so it came down to how many judges voted for each side. It turned out that both had won 3 to 0 so finally it came down to points difference with our school declared the winners. We will now go forward as Northampton’s representatives in the Regional finals in May. Congratulations to the students who worked extremely hard and were a credit to their parents and to the school.