U13 & U17 Girls Badminton

U13 Girls played at Northampton School for Girls on Wednesday 12th March and everyone on the team showed the steady progress they have all made since attending the Badminton club. The girls won all of their doubles games showing good tactical awareness for their partners. They also won three of their individual games to beat NSG 166 to 87 points. Well done to S. Acharya, K. Hooper, B. Hardisty and L. Jones.

U17 Girls played well in both individual games and doubles. E. Brandley was playing her debut match of the season and was able to show an excellent level of skills to win her individual game and her doubles game with H. Reed who also showed tremendous effort and some excellent shots. L. Price and A. Bowen also played well and their technique although some what different is definitely something worth seeing! They were however narrowly defeated by Northampton School for Girls 144 to 120 points. Looking forward to the next match.

P. Clarke