Mock Trial Regional Final

Students narrowly miss out on Mock Trial National Final

After winning the Northampton Magistrates Mock Trial Competition in March, students from the school took part in the Regional Final this Saturday 17th May 2008, again at Northampton Magistrates Court.

The competition involves the students having to prepare a case and then perform it against two other schools, defending in one and then prosecuting in another. Our team was more nervous this time around, probably because we all knew that the quality of the opposition was going to be extremely high.

Come the time of the competition, once again our students demonstrated how much nerve and talent they had by performing in front of a crowd of people and arguing our cases with gusto. In both cases we got the verdicts that we wanted but this didn’t mean that we had got the judges vote.

The Magistrates ponder the evidence

As the competition ended all the schools gathered round to hear the judges scoring.  We had won the first trial with all three judges voting for us.  Unfortunately, we lost the second trial with the judges voting 2 to 1 in favour of the other school.  When all the results were added up, only one school had won both trials and so they therefore went through to the National Final.

The team left feeling a little bit disappointed as they had put in enormous amounts of effort in order to get this far and naturally felt a little bit disappointed.  But overall, they will look back on the competition and should feel an immense amount of pride and satisfaction. Coming third in the Regional Final after winning the local heat was an excellent achievement especially considering it was the school’s first time in entering the competition.

Mr McCormack and Mr Dallas are immensely proud of the whole team and we look forward to trying to go even further next year.

The rest of the team – relieved it’s over!