CCS Badminton Success

The CCS Badminton teams have now completed their leagues and the results are in!!

The Badminton league got off to a difficult start as on the first badminton club practice, players had to be selected for the forthcoming matches the following week. As a result the teams did struggle to perform well, but with attendance at practice sessions (16 – 32 students regularly attended the badminton club practice sessions) the players’ performances improved as did the results. This was very pleasing.

Updates have been recorded on the CCS website of individual match results and scores.

The Northants Schools Badminton league consists of 6 age/gender categories with up to 10 teams/schools playing in each league.

The results were as follows:-

Under 15 Boys – 1st
Under 13 Girls – 2nd
Under 13 Boys – 3rd
Under 15 Girls – 5th
Under 17 Girls – 5th
Under 17 Boys – 5th

We hope to have a photograph of the Under 15 Boys collecting the league trophy in the near future.

Congratulations to all those students who attended practice and represented CCS in the badminton league.

Mrs P Clarke
PE Tutor