Water Update 25.06.08

Dear Parent

School will be open tomorrow. Today, we have made sure students were told not to drink water from taps and we also told them to empty out any water brought in water bottles from home. Scolarest provided boiled, cooled water to drink. This was free of charge, though some commercial bottled water was also on sale.

Tomorrow, it will be very helpful if parents can send students in with a bottle of boiled, cooled water – two bottles if you think they will need it. We will also have suitable water available at break and lunchtimes in case children wish to re-fill bottles.

Our understanding at the moment is that this problem may take some days to clear. I expect school to remain open, unless we receive advice from the Local Authority to close. If this happens an announcement will be made on the school website: www.ccs.northants.sch.uk

If parents could continue to send students in with bottles of water until the situation has been resolved that would be most helpful.

Thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely
Tony Downing