Year 11 Hockey vs Guilsborough

When CCS pushed back, K Swanson received a very good ball an immediately pushed up into the attacking half but the CCS possession was lost after a good tackle from the Guilsborough defence. Later on in the first half, substitutions strengthened the CCS defence and were able to successfully defend shots from the Guilsborough side. A Johns, D Warren (c) and V Mitchell run’s throughout the game but were cut short of a shot by the Guilsborough defence. The first half ended nil-nil.

The second half started with a Guilsborough push back and they immediately took advantage of the wings, but good defending by L Parker, S Brennan and K Davis made sure they didn’t have a shot. However some gaps in the defence later on in the half allowed them to have a few shots on goal, but amazing goal keeping by A Round made sure it was still nil-nil.

After a hard hit-out by S Brennan, A Johns then passed the ball to K Swanson, who sprinted off from the half way line, beating defenders on the way. She then had a great shot on goal, but was then kicked out by the Guilsborough goal keeper, but the rebound landed straight onto D Warren’s stick and she scored a great goal through four Guilsborough defenders. CCS played well for the remainder of the game and the final score was 1 – 0 to CCS. The whole team played brilliantly. Thank you to Liam Cassidy (Referee), Mrs Duff and Miss Cozens.

Report by S Brennan 10CC.

Player of the Match – A Round