Year 11 Hockey v Magdalen

Year 11 Hockey Match V Magdalen – 14th October 2008

After push back, K Swanson immediately put on an attack for goal but was cut short as we found out about the defending and passing skills they had. As a result A Johns, P Burgham, O Byfield and D Charlton put pressure on the ball and forced the players into awkward passing positions. After a free hit which S Brennan took, A Johns moved to the perfect position and was able to make a superb run to the D but was unsuccessful after the Magdalen goal keeper saved it. Also, the Magdalen team made some good runs but were successfully defended against by CCS. By half time it was still nil-nil.

After the Magdalen push back, P Burgham and O Byfield immediately put the pressure back on the ball and the opposition, both did very well in running the length of the pitch on numerous occasions. However the Magdalen players found a gap at charged for a goal, but A Round once again made a brilliant save. A Johns, K Swanson and S Brennan all had opportunities for a goal throughout the game but were unsuccessful; however CCS did not concede any goals. Final Score 0-0

Thanks to Mrs Duff & Miss Cozens

S Brennan