Year 8 Netball Success – November 2008

The year eight netball team have played their fourth netball fixture this season, on Tuesday 11th November. The first 3rd went well with A Nobbs (GA) shooting well, working well with WA as N Chambers and GS as H Matczak. Some good defending by G Henry. The first third finished as 6-0 to CCS!

With A Nobbs and H Matczak off A Campbell and A Simpson did a good job in attack. M Flavin (WD) and F Anyoaha (C) worked well together grabbing the ball and getting it to the circle and A Simpson scored some excellent nets with A Campbell tipping our score with two more! The score for the second third was 9-0 to CCS!

L Armah-Newman and A Rahim coming on as GK and GD, defending many of the few passes which were thrown in that direction. E Taylor did amazingly well doing a great job with P Barr as getting the ball to the circle where A Nobbs managed to shoot! The final score was 13-0 to us! Well played girls!!

Player of the match: – A Nobbs