Year 11 Netball v Moulton

The beginning of the match didn’t start very well. Moulton (year 11) scored in the first minute. S Brook swiftly passed to E Wilson, however unfortunately she was called up for footwork by the eagle-eyed referee making it Moulton’s ball. A high pass into the circle secured their first goal. Even with excellent defence from CCS, who were year 10’s, Moulton shooters were always on target. At half time, the score was 12-0 to the away team.

In the second half of the match, CCS stepped up to the game and our attack was great. E Wilson scored two goals which brought our spirits up. The defence was great with fantastic help from E Bowles. When Moulton missed their shots E Bowles was always in a space which helped S Hashemi and C McConnell make good passes from defence to attack. A Adams and N Parker played an excellent attack and made use of the space. Unfortunately the score was 19-2 to Moulton.

Player of the Match – E Bowles

Report by S Hashemi Year 10