Year 9 Netball Tournament Report

1st match- against Sponne.
This was the first match every one had and CCS only just warmed up so were a bit sloppy to start with, but we played better in that game than the week before (when we played them.) Our passes were weak in the first half but then upped our game in the second.

Player of the Match – H McNamara

2nd match- against Campion
In this game we were more warmed up and ready to go. It was a tough game and we were still a bit frozen but persisted and kept on going. Some nice netball played.

Player of the Match – H Brooke

3rd match- against Moulton
This was a really close match. Nearer the end a beautiful catch was made by A. Guardo and a graceful shot was made but unfortunately just missed the net! Well done! The team worked well together and played some quality netball in difficult cold, slippy conditions.

Player of the Match- H Hurst

Overall Player of the match- H McNamara

We want to say well-done to the team who played and well-done to Sponne who overall won the competition.
L Burgham