Year 9 Boys Football v NSB

The year 9 boys put the shocking defeat two weeks against NSB behind them when they went into this away fixture. With the promise of a chocolate bar each if they keep the deficit below 4 goals, the team were psyched up for a battle. And battle they did, keeping the score level at 0-0 at half time. With each player fighting for every ball and working the defensive system well, they were very hard to break down. N. Shampier came closest with strikes from 18 yards. N. Thumbwood worked hard in midfield with a telling performance and W. Greenwood chased every ball. The whole team performed brilliantly, earning their chocolate bars, but could not get the ball in the back of the net. They went down to three late goals as the team pushed forward more, but did the school and themselves proud.

Well done, Mr Oliver.