Year 8 Girls Netball v Sponne

Caroline Chisholm played against Sponne on Tuesday. The years eights were successful and triumphantly won the match. However, it was a very close game. The first quarter got off to a quick start with two goals successfully scored by A Simpson (GS) with M Flavin (GA) supporting her wonderfully. Our team attacked and defended brilliantly making it hard for Sponne to score. However, the first quarter ended 2 -1 to CCS.

In the next quarter, the centre third was full of quick, brilliant passes made by F Anyoaha and P Barr also supported by G Henry (GD) and N Chambers (WD). M Flavin (GA) and H Matczak played amazingly together with some very good accurate shooting. Their energy was brilliant as they were both new to these positions. Half Time score 4 – 4

The third quarter kicked off with a CCS centre by F Anyoaha with the team using new tactics to work the ball down the court successfully. This quarter grew quite heated and Sponne were attacking and defending very well considering they were two players down. The score became very close with it levelling at one point. End of third quarter 7 – 7.

Luckily, Caroline Chisholm fought back claiming goals and defending. E Taylor played exceptionally well as GK. Even though it was a very close game, we did well to win and the team played brilliantly. The final score was 9-7 to Caroline Chisholm.

Players of the Match- E Taylor and H Matczak.