Joseph Call backs 08.06.09


If your name is on this list you have been called back to audition for us again so that we can allocate the solo parts for the cast of Joseph. Auditions will take place on Monday 8 June 2009, 3:30-4:30pm in MU1. You need to collect a lyric sheet, if you have not done so already, from a member of staff and learn one song in preparation for your audition. You may also be asked to act and dance during your audition

If your name does not appear on this list please do not panic, we will be in touch again shortly to let you know whether you have been successful in your audition.

E Anyaoha
L Ash
E Baldwin
C Bignell
C Boyer
J Brewer
A Castle
C Donegal
E Dunn
M Flavin
G Furness
B Goddard
B Gregory-Ring
J Ives
H Kellingray
B Levy
G Mark
O Marr
J Massey
G Peters
H Roberts
S Roberts
M Robson
F Round
M Round
B Shields
N Stock
R Vernel
M Vine
S Vine
S Walters
H Walters
C Waterhouse
E Wilson
E Witts
K Witts