This email is set up for students by students and is a new way to speak up to beat the bullies. In the United Kingdom 10% of students skip school because of bullying issues and 1 in 2 students experience occasional bullying during any school term, the aim of the email is to assist this to stop.

Aims and Objectives

To assist students who are being bullied or who have experienced bullying.
To provide an alternative route to access help for serious bullying issues.
To enhance other existing methods that bullying is being dealt with in school.
To keep in line with the School Standards framework Act 1998 .
To support the school bullying policy.
How the email will work

  • Can be accessed internally or externally over the 24hr period at anytime.
  • Student should leave name and class and brief description of problem
  • Is detailed as mrs.goodheart in the email directory
  • Emails will be accessed on a daily basis by Mrs Wells/Mrs Blaize
  • Mrs Garrard should be informed of any emails from Primary school children
  • Heads of Year/ Form Tutor should be informed from Secondary school children
  • The student should receive a reply email immediately and assistance within the next two working days
  • The content of the email will remain confidential, however with permission from the student the member of staff who is appropriate to help/assist will be informed

How the effectiveness of the email will be reviewed

The email will be reviewed one month from launch and then every three months thereafter.