Swine Flu Update 13.07.09

13th July 2009

Dear Parent

I write to update you on the school’s approach to managing swine flu. As you know a child was diagnosed with this last week. The child has now fully recovered and returned to school. Currently two other children are now at home recovering from the disease. However, the children concerned are of different ages and are in different parts of the school so we don’t think these cases are connected with each other.

School is following the Health Protection Agency advice and remaining open. The thinking behind this is that, with only a small number of cases here, the children are as safe here as anywhere else. Shops, youth clubs, bus stations, cinemas, libraries etc are all remaining open and parents continue to go to work. So children would only be less likely to catch the infection by staying away from school if they also remain in the house and their parents refrain from mixing with others – because the infection is now widespread in the community.

If the number of children diagnosed with swine flu escalates considerably, or if there are a number of cases in the same year group, then we will re-consider the decisions made. The only other reason to close school would be if a large number of staff were ill with swine flu.

We would be very grateful if all parents could follow this guidance:

  1. If your child is ill, or showing symptoms, please keep them at home, don’t send them to school.
  2. If your child is diagnosed with swine flu, please let us know.
  3. For medical advice, please contact your GP or NHS Direct. If you need to speak to our School Nurse, please be patient – she may not be able to phone back at once as she is often in class teaching health issues.

Thanks for your help with all this.

Yours sincerely
Tony Downing