Year 10 & 11 Rugby 10 a-side @ Northampton Saints

17th September 2009

J. Manton, T. Manton, A. Young, J. Emmett, B. Brumpton, D. Felon Smith, J. Avery, D. Bell, J. Osbourne, J. Rowe, R. Smith, A. Shoker, W. Greenwood, M. Pawlek, J. Mennell

The 1st fixture of the season without any training sessions meant CCS had their work cut out from the start.

After the restructuring of the league upon arrival, Caroline Chisholm lost their preparation time and were playing in the 1st game of the day. The backs to their credit rushed through there warm up and were ready although a little rough with their moves. CCS took on Manshead Upper school in their first fixture at The Saints Tournament and opened play with a secure catch and went forward from the off. The backs were breaking tackles and gaining ground with offloads and magic feet, B. Brumpton stepped a player and put the ball into J. Rowe who ran through several opposition players setting up phase ball for the keen forwards who were giving it their all.

The dominant forwards were rucking over and running support lines, this set up the 1st try to put us ahead. In defence we were strong as the opposition through strong runners at us who were sent back every time. The back line was like a brick wall, until their winger found the space out wide and sprinted to the try line. D. Bell was quick to retaliate having a 10m dash brushing off two players to score. The last and equalising try came from an excellent backs play passing the ball down the line utilising the full width of the pitch with J. Rowe setting up a 2 on 1 and W. Greenwood’s pace and hand off scoring in the corner. CCS showed great spirit in the last minute of the game defending the try line with their lives not letting anyone through.

Final Score 15-15 Draw

The restructure of the league meant we were up back to back and playing against Kingsbrook School, receiving the kick off we demonstrated some high quality rugby with the forwards clearing out and bracing the rucks, and then playing the ball wide with a variety of moves including the looping blind winger. Due to an Injury 1 minute in B. Brumpton was carried off (hopefully will be recovered soon, and not hopping around), and A. Shoker Impressively took charge at 10. Good play in the loose saw J. Osbourne and D. Felon Smith making 30m charges breaking and shrugging off tackles. CCS up at half time and looking strong.

Unfortunately it was a story of 2 halves and Kingsbrook had the better second half. CCS exhausted after giving it there all and a few injuries slowed down our momentum and players struggled to stay in support and make every breakdown, this resulted in a few missed tackles and players out of position, to which Kingsbrook took advantage.

Final score 20-10 and out of the competition

All the boys that participated were a great credit to CCS and a pleasure to take doing the school proud. Well played boys and let’s get to training and have a good season ahead.

Mr Beaumont