Car Park Arrangements – Primary Phase

2nd October 2009

Dear Parents


I write to remind you about the new arrangements for parking in school from Monday 5th October. The car park has provision for parents of young children to come into the car park, stay for a few minutes and accompany their child into the playground by using the designated drop off spaces. It is really best for all of us if parents of Reception and Year 1 children have priority for parking and dropping off in these spaces. For children from Y2 –Y4 who need to be brought by car, primary staff will be on duty by the designated drop off area from 8.30am and we will supervise your child from the drop off point in to school so that you do not need to park and get out of the car. This may also include YR and Y1 children who are not able to park in the drop off spaces. I hope parents will accept that these arrangements are well beyond what can be managed in most primary schools. In all other primary schools in our area, parents have no access to the car park at all.

We are asking all the older children from Year 5 upwards who do not have younger siblings in YR-4 to be dropped off in the drop off area outside the school grounds and to walk in to school from there, using the wide walkway which leads up to the front of the library. Alternatively, parents can park outside the school grounds and walk in with their child. This is the main walking entrance to school and most of our children here in school, younger and older, use this safely every day. All parents of secondary children have been asked to drop off outside the car park so that parents with younger children who need to come in to school can have priority in using the drop off space and zone. We have also introduced limited Sixth Form parking to a maximum of eight spaces for students who live more than two miles from school.

Unfortunately there are not enough spaces in the car park for us to allow all parents to park here. We have over 200 staff on the premises at Caroline Chisholm School, many of them coming from a considerable distance from school, and although we encourage car sharing and walking, there are still not enough spaces for every member of staff and some of them end up parking outside! We have made representations to the County Council about this but there is no prospect at the moment of an extension to the car park.

It has come to the school’s attention that parents may be intending to cause a disturbance on Monday morning by blocking the entrance to the car park by way of protest. If this is the case, I would ask these parents to consider their actions carefully and what they aim to achieve. The police have been informed about changes to the car park arrangements here at school and will be monitoring the situation and take action if necessary. I would be horrified if any parent sought to disrupt the school day and place children in danger in this way. If any parents choose to engage in this type of protest this could result in a possible ban from the premises and police action being taken.

We do understand that there will be some parents, with particular circumstances, for whom difficulties may arise. If parents have strong views on these matters, they are welcome to contact the facilities management team, Mitie, who are managing the car park, or the County Council. It is much better that you do this rather than discussing car parking with teachers, as we do not have control of the car park. Our job is to ensure that all the children can get in to school safely and to encourage everyone to walk or cycle if they can.
Thank you for your co-operation during this period of adjustment. All parties will, of course, continue to monitor and evaluate the impact of the new procedures and I would be most grateful if all parents would bear with us and give the new arrangements a chance to succeed.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Patterson
Vice Principal