Year 9 Netball Tournament at Campion

CCS travelled to Campion to play in a district tournament on Wednesday 4th November.

The tournament kicked off with CCS playing the home team, and reigning champs Campion. The girls went into this match confidently with the shooters H. Matczak and A.Nobbs working well together to score some well worked goals, with help from WA N.Chambers. Centre P.Barr had to work very well to overcome the campion centre but managed it well. When the ball did fall to defence they managed to handle the campion shooters, with good working from L. Armah-Newman and G.Henry who managed to work with M.Flavin well to help bring the ball back up to the shooters. CCS lost this fist game 9 2, unlucky girls, but well played to everyone. Player of this match L Armah-Newman

Second CCS faced Sponne who we played really well against. Once again the shooters worked great, H. Matczak, shooting really well and working well with A. Nobbs. F. Anyaoha played a great centre and A.Rahim playing a great game in GK. The defence worked well again, G.henry and A.Rahim working hard to mark the attackers and work the ball through to WD L. Armah- Newman. The CCS shooters worked brilliantly together, scoring many goals. Sponne wern’t going to give up without a battle, but CCS proved to be the stronger side in the end. Final score CCS 7 Sponne 3. Player of this match A Simpson. Well done girls!

CCS then went on the outside to face a strong Guilsborough side. All the girls tried really hard with G. Henry intercepting some high balls. WD M. FLavin also had a great game feeding the ball to P.Barr, now playing as WA who also was also very good. F.Anayoha played well as Centre sticking to her player and not leaving her side. However, despite the whole team playing well, including A.Simpson as GS and N. Chambers as WA. But Guilsborough proved to be a fighting team, despite the CCS effort to stop them scoring more, they eventually won the game. Final score CCS 2 Guilsborough 5. Player of the match G Henry

Next CCS were to face Moulton. A. Rahim again played a strong GK and G.Henry and F. Anayoha swapping as GD. The GK and GD worked well together putting through some lovely balls. One complete run of CCS passing travelling through the majority of the positions on the pitch all the way through to the shooters, A. Nobbs and A. Simpson who worked well together eventually scoring from the run of CCS passing. Once again N.Chambers, L. Armah-Newman and M. Flavin all worked well playing on the wings, and again another brilliant game from P. Barr as Centre, however the Moulton shooters scored some good shots, although the Defense from CCS played well and marked well. Unlucky, but a well played and battled game. Final score CCS 4 Moulton 6. Player of this match N Chambers

Overall CCS played brilliantly in the whole tournament finishing 4th! I think we made Mrs Chamberlain and Miss Greenmore proud! It was great to see the players on the sideline coaching the players who had swaped in for the same position as them. It showed great team spirit and determination. Well Done Girls for a great tournament.

Match report by G.Henry