Year 7 Rugby win against Roade

The year 7’s went over to Roade, The game was always going to be short due to light.

Upon arrival the boys were asking β€œIs that there Year 7’s they are huge?” To my response β€œWere not planning on running into them, are we?β€œ. A very rushed start to the game and little preparation time saw CCS. On the back foot before the game, however the Whistle went and CCS were focussed. Roade through everything they had at us. Runner after runner, got tackled back. The CCS players were a brick wall for the 1st 20 minutes. Then a Breakthrough Bursts up the pitch started to occur as J. Schampier linked up with C. Burgess to find holes in their disjointed defence. This gave us better territory, the game came alive. F. Penula shrugged off two tacklers driving with his legs and gong on a 50 m sprint to the line. Unfortunately he was dragged down just short. This gave us a platform and position to score.

1 try up CCS were starting to play fantastic rugby. O. Newsham used himself as a battering ram effectively. A. Permian delivered some great offloads into space after already creating forward momentum. C. Westwood deliver accurate ball and also had a few darts up the blindside to great effect.

R. Holmes was versatile playing extremely well while adapting from forward to back.

C. James and J. Camplisson tackled everything that came near them defending their channels with pride. Both of them linked up together at stages to weave in and out of the opposition.

Was a pleasure to watch and very proud of the lads of how they not only performed but also showed respect for the opposition. A tribute to CCS. Well Done boys

Final Score 20-5

Man of the Match: J. Schampier played his opposite number out of the game. 2 Tries.