e-Safety Advice for Parents – Dec 7th 2009

Parents of children in Years 6 to 11 were invited to an e-safety advice evening with Caroline Moore, e-safety officer for Northamptonshire County Council. Caroline discussed the key issues relating to safe use of the Internet by our young people and the associated risks. From online-gaming, social networking and mobile phone misuse, her advice was both informative and invaluable. She has very kindly made her presentation available to download here

The main points of advice from the evening are…

  • Encourage discussion about their use of the Internet. Should they have worries or anxieties they are more likely to discuss these with you.
  • Use filtering software and set the security settings of your computer to an appropriate level (good advice on this can be found on www.getnetwise.org)
  • Ensure that your child knows how to set the privacy settings on any profiles created online.
    Never share personal information with anyone online, date of birth, real name, photos, location.

For more detailed support and advice, we recommend an outstanding CD for parents which can be ordered free from http://www.childnet-int.org/kia/parents/cd/.