Year 7 Rugby District Tournament

CCS showed Heart, Commitment, and Excellence.

All the previous weeks of games, the training in the dark, the drive over to Long Buckby, all that, for the tournament the squad have been waiting for.

Two other teams in our league: Moulton and Sponne

1st game to open the night- CCS vs Moulton (Last time CCS Won 10-0). This time was different both teams were ready, adrenaline buzzing. CCS Dominated in the Set plays. The backs were playing the ball down the line, but to no avail. CCS could not find a way through. Moulton rucked well and offloaded the ball keeping the ball alive. It was running rugby which had a flare. The 8 Minutes disappeared very quickly. O. Newsham at points rucked 4 players of the ball. R. Yaxley made fantastic tackles.

Final Score: 0 – 0

Man of the Match: C. Burgess organising such a fantastic backline in defence and trying to play the ball at every opportunity.

2nd Game Sponne

After last week losing 45 – 0 to Sponne, The bar was set high to stay in the competition. We had to Draw or Win. This was the decider. Due to a team talk from Mr B. and self evaluation of the players. They knew their rucking had to improve and the need to get deeper in the backs. A credit to the team a change in the side had occurred. D. Watkins and F. Penula had fantastic body position and played awesome driving everything using their power effectively. They were playing with everything they had. They won every lineout. They won scrums against the head. They even pushed too hard in the scrums(something to work on). They played the ball wide cutting lines into their defence but couldn’t find enough gaps.

Man of the Match: O. Newsham

Semi Final Campion: CCS were playing with smiles on their faces, They were enjoying the tournament. CCS played with pride and it showed on the pitch CCS matched Campion in all areas of the pitch. At one point CCS mauled the ball half the pitch, CCS counter rucked. They tackled over and over again. They ran the ball wide. C. Pagano was there to secure ball and drive back every Campion player in his way. They did everything right, unfortunately CCS lapsed for 30 seconds. They sneaked through the middle form a pick and go. J. Schampier managed to make another try saving tackle in the dying seconds to keep the score Campion 5 – 0.

Man of the Match: J. Schampier

3rd Place Play off Magdelen:

A very equal match, CCS had a score to settle. A. Permain ran through the whole team and got scragged by the last man. C. James had some dart down the wing and also controlled the ball in the centres. M. Coles showed heart making big tackles. S. Ribano made every breakdown securing ball on a plate for C. Westwood and C. McColgac.
Man of the match: F. Penula

The boys were a tribute to CCS showing impeccable behaviour, pride, and gave 100% effort in all the games. Nothing else could of been asked from the team yesterday.From the performance they should all be very proud.

Well done!!!

Final result 3rd in Tournament and only conceded 1 try.