CCS Sports Leaders Run a Mini Olympics for Over 120 Pupils!

January 12th 2010

With the Olympics coming to London in 918 days and the Paralympics in 951 days year 10 sports leaders were set the challenge of organising and running a sports festival for over a 120 Primary school pupils. A tall order for any teacher but one that was met with enthusiasm, great team work and organisation by the 26 year 10 students. Preparation for the leaders began back in September when they started their Junior Sports Leaders award, a nationally recognised leadership award for young people. Students have worked hard to gain an understanding of how to plan a sport or activity session, communication, health and safety, fair play and delivery of practical sessions. Once these skills were in place the group had lots of ideas of how they wanted their event to run. The 120 pupils were in small teams and named after wild animals, these groups then took part in 10 different events to gain points for their team and earn “effort”, “performance” and “team work” awards.

The event started excellently with each team having an enthusiastic manager introducing themselves and handing out name badges and explaining the event. The sports leaders running each individual challenge or game had planned with other members of the team to produce something that was accessible to all regardless of ability, was challenging and most of all fun. All of the leaders achieved this with outstanding results. The Primary pupils enjoyed themselves and were engaged throughout the 2 hour event. The games the pupils took part in were not your traditional Olympic events and included speed stacking, hockey shooting, obstacle courses and more. The games finished with some very loud, fast and exciting relays where the leaders joined in with their teams.

At the end of the event managers and coaches awarded their teams with participation, effort, team work and performance awards.

The event was massively successful for all involved. The Primary pupils had a chance to try something new, the leaders had the opportunity to use their new skills and apply all of their learning. They have now all completed the practical section of the leadership course and will gain a mark for their efforts for GCSE PE. Congratulations to all of the leaders involved, your efforts really paid off!

The Stars (leaders): H Brooke, C Brooks, L Clayson, R Clifton, I Daniels, J Duffield, J Gotts, H Mohamad, E Herbert, P Howdego, J Larham, D Mayle, C Moran, M Pawluk, A Radcliffe, J Roberts, N Shampier, A Shoker, J Styles, B Taylor, G Turland, S Vine, A Virdee, R Watson, D West, L Williams.