IMPORTANT Schoolcomms Data Sheet

1 February 2010

Dear Parent

I wish to inform you of a change in the way that we communicate with parents that we wish to introduce in the near future. After February half term we intend to use a text and email messaging service delivered through Schoolcomms as our preferred means of contacting parents. This system allows school to contact you more effectively than by conventional letter or phone call to remind you of events such as staff training days and parents’ evenings and to inform you of emergency events, such as cancellation of after school clubs or school closure due to snow. It will also become our preferred first point of contact for parents to contact school to inform us of student illness or likely late arrival. The system will only be used for formal email communication between school and home. Other essential contact with parents requiring person to person conversation, such as child illness at school, will be communicated in the usual way.

Schoolcomms links with our own database in order to contact you. Confidential details are not shared with any other third party and are stored and sent securely. Emails will arrive with the school’s name attached for easy recognition and parents can save the SMS number for mobile texts in their contacts list in the usual way.

To help us launch this system after half term, we have enclosed a data collection sheet for your child. Please complete this form and return it in an envelope marked ‘Schoolcomms’ to the Primary office [Primary phase students] or to Secondary Student Services [Secondary phase children / children in both phases]. We will need your main contact email address and confirmation of who should be identified as the prime parent for communication purposes.

We understand that some parents may prefer to receive information through traditional communication methods. However, we strongly encourage all parents who have email access and a mobile phone to sign up. If you prefer to be contacted using your home phone in such instances, an automated message will be left.

From today, when you are reporting absence to school, please email a short message to or text a message to 00447717989975.

This is a key development for Caroline Chisholm School. Please complete the data sheet below and return to school by Friday 12 February.

If you have any questions relating to this initiative, or you wish to opt out of this system, please contact Mrs Rachel Acum at school.

Yours sincerely

Joe Cowell
Vice Principal

Please click on the following link to complete a SCHOOLCOMMS DATA SHEET