School narrowly misses out in Regional Mock Trial Competition

Saturday 8th May 2010

Mock Trials is a competition where you take on the role of someone in a court case, for example lawyers or witnesses. It involves the students having to prepare a case and then perform it against two other schools, defending in one and then prosecuting in another. The Regional Final was held on 8th May and our school competed against Cottenham Village College and Aylesbury High School.

The team performed in an excellent manner in the local heat but in order to win the regional heat we knew that the performance had to be increased even further as the quality of the opposition would also go up significantly, and so it proved. And yet our team stepped up and individually and collectively they were superb.

We won the first case and, watching the second case, both Mr McCormack and Miss Lea thought that we had every chance to win the second one as well. Unfortunately it turned out that we narrowly lost that one, and so we bowed out of this year’s competition, disappointed but also immensely proud of our achievements.

Although we did not go through the students can be extremely pleased with their performance and their achievements this year. All of these students worked tirelessly for this competition and as far as the teachers are concerned, they have shown courage and ability in spades. Skills they have developed during this competition will stand them in good stead in later years and hopefully along the way they enjoyed themselves and made a few new friends as well.

Mr McCormack and Miss Lea certainly enjoyed the whole process and were hugely proud of the whole team. Miss Lea even said that she thought there was a slight tear in Mr McCormack’s eye at the end but when asked about this the usually grumpy Mr McCormack said it was dust and that there was no way that he would be that soppy!