Year 6 Residential Update 24.06.10

The Inter-group Team Challenge went well yesterday – everyone’s mental, physical and communication skills were put to the test and good teamwork was demonstrated. The Bush Craft activity is being enjoyed by all the groups. Mr Gatehouse reported that during yesterday’s session the Instructor chose to use the fire prepared by Imogen, Mim, Jess and Georgia to make the nettle tea, rather than the fire she had prepared earlier because the girls’ fire was far superior. So well done to the girls!

Everyone’s enjoying the food – all the children are now experts at making their own sandwiches every day as well as cleaning and tidying up afterwards.

Looking forward to visiting Harlech Castle this afternoon following by a beach party and BBQ this evening.

The planned departure time from Wales tomorrow is 10am so hopefully the coach will return to CCS by 3.15pm. If their journey home is delayed we will let parents know via a Schoolcomms text. However there will be a final website update tomorrow.