Schools Fantasy League 2010/2011 is back!

Its back and this time its bigger and better than ever!

Schools Fantasy League 2010/2011.

What is it?

Entrants select a team of 11 Premier League players that collect points depending on their performances in actual Premier League games. SFL update the points on the schools own personalised league page, providing the perfect environment for pupils, teachers and parents to show off their football management skills.

How to Play:

  1. You need to decide how many teams you would like to enter (this can affect the price and they don’t all have to be your teams! Work together with your friends to claim your discount, see below).
  2. Print off the entry form here or collect one from Mr Rich.
  3. Fill in the form and return to student services with the correct payment (see below).
  4. Once your payment has been processed you can collect an official league team sheet (including the school pin number) from Mr Rich.
  5. Log onto and enter your ‘winning’ team.

Why Play?

  1. A National competition only played within schools.
  2. Trophies for league winners, runners up and manager awards.
  3. Score points for a range of games, FA premier league and FA cup matches!
  4. Compete in year group leagues, form leagues, and many more.
  5. Chance to beat your friends, teachers and parents.

Who can Play?

School Staff, Parents and most importantly YOU!!


1 Team = £3.50
3 Teams = £9 (saving £1.50)
5 Teams = £12.50 (saving £5)
10 Teams = £20.00 (saving £15!!!!)

N.B. If you pay on your own it will cost you £3.50 per team BUT if you can find 9 friends and pay together each team will cost you £2


Friday 24th September Entry form submitted with payment
Friday 8th October Team submitted online (free transfers up to the start of the season!)
Saturday 16th October SEASON STARTS…….

Hope this all makes sense if you have any questions please contact me in the PE Dept.

Thank you

Mr Rich