Year 10 Netball CCS v Campion

Despite the freezing weather and rain, the game begun! Campion began by taking the first centre pass and get the ball speedily down to the circle, but unable to shoot due to the great defence! A Rahim and G Henry worked well to get the ball back to centre third and before we knew it – GOAL!! P Barr as Centre, using secretive tactics, successfully managed to pass to the GA, A Nobbs and through to A Simpson to get another goal! Campion managed to get a goal then another to CCS thanks to the excellent WA, E Taylor getting the ball to the shooters, for another goal! The score at half time was 5-4 to Caroline Chisholm!

The third quarter started with K Morton as centre, passing brilliant balls to the attackers to get the ball and shoot! Campion was beginning to come back and score a few more goals! But F Jan stayed consistent defending well with L Armah-Newman! Some great long shots by A Nobbs which really encouraged the team to win! But unfortunately Campion managed to get through the defence and score more! The final score was 14-9 to Campion! But over all the year 10 team was very proud of their great play, with the support of Mrs Chamberlain and Miss Still!

Player of the match – P Barr, because of her consistently good play throughout the match.

Report by – A Nobbs