Australia Trip Update 28.10.2010

Day 4 – Tuesday 26th October 2010

We spent the day in school getting some great Australian experience. We had a food session where the students cooked some traditional Australian food. Some of them cooked our first taste of Kangaroo which was a real hit with everyone whilst others made pavlovas and Anzac biscuits. In the afternoon we painted our boomerangs in a traditional aboriginal design. All students are getting on really well with their hosts and everyone is having a great time.

Day 5 – Wednesday 27th October 2010

We headed off to Healesville Animal Sanctuary where we saw kangaroos, koalas, dingoes, emus, tasmainian devils and much more. We also managed to see a herd of wild kangaroos which was fantastic.

Today we are off along the Great Ocean Road for an overnight trip along the coast.