Year 9 Rugby v Kingsbrook

Caroline Chisholm went into the game confident and with high spirits despite losing to Northampton School for Boys the previous week. It looked the same way as Kingsbrooks biggest player ran through the whole CCS team and scored to him a pretty easy try, but that was all the impact he could make on the game being taken off after 10 minutes of play. Cracks began to show in the Kingsbrook side who looked confident before the injury and it was even more obvious when T Bayliss thought he scored an equalising try only to find it was disallowed. 3 minutes later it was level when J Miller scored even though there were masses of players that could have stopped him neither team were able to convert which means it was game on again.
More faults in the Kingsbrook side as T Bayliss ran through again only for it to be disallowed again and CCS were now on top M Young pushed away half a dozen challenges to put CCS in the lead. Then CCS were on the attack again and after a long period of tackles and rucks K Parmar took his opportunity to score. Shortly after a mistake from Kingsbrook gave the ball to J Foster to run the whole length of the wing being tackled at the last and of loading to S Wilson and his job was then easy. Kingsbrook were right out the game now and it was sealed when T Bayliss got revenge scoring his try and this one did count and C Byfield converted. Near the end of the match Kingsbrook faced injury problems to more of their players which meant it was impossible for them to get back into the lead. It was a good win for Caroline Chisholm but well played Kingsbrook.

Team: M Young , K Parmar , J Higgins , T Bayliss , T Mann , J Foster , J Miller , C Byfield , T Major Gurney , O Guntrip , T Pymer , O Hughes , P Nobbs , C Smart, S Wilson

Manager: Mr. Colman

Man of the Match: S Wilson

Report by: J Foster