Free School Meals Letter From the County Council

13th January 2011

I write to remind you of the forthcoming census on Thursday 20th January and the positive impact of all children entitled to a free school meal being eligible and taking that meal on your budget for the forthcoming year. You are no doubt aware that the take-up of free school meals on this date dictates your free school meal budget for the following financial year.

Historically there has always been a difference in children taking a free school meal compared to those who are eligible. In Northamptonshire this in part could be attributed to the lack of hot meals being available, hence the 3 year rollout of the countywide hot meal plan we are currently implementing and Nourish now delivering hot meals in 114 schools this year.

A national survey has now highlighted that children are not accessing a free school meal as they are unaware they are eligible in the first instance. Student Services are responsible for determining the eligibility for free school meals and I am writing to update you that applicants can apply for this benefit, online at or by calling 01604 236656 to request an application form by post. Should you wish to discuss this e-mail further please feel free to contact our central team on 01604 237288.