24th June 2011 A level PE trip to the English Institute of Sport at Bisham Abbey

The Great Britain Olympic team, GB rowers, GB hockey teams, GB cycling and GB canoeing are based at Bisham Abbey and CCS had an exclusive day pass to the whole site!

There are a number of Elite sport training sites around the country currently preparing the best sports people in Great Britain to compete on the biggest sporting stage there is, the Olympic Games. As part of the year 13 A level PE course students study Centres of Excellence and everything associated with preparing athletes for the major events, from their physical fitness to the technology used to get them there.

The day consisted of a tour round state of the art facilities. An inside look at the British Olympic rehabilitation centre where athletes go for intensive training to get back from injuries. Students got a firsthand look at the support services available at the elite level of sport including physiotherapists, nutritionists, sport psychologists, physiologists and lifestyle performance to name a few. After the tour students went to a presentation from one of England Hockey’s lead strength and conditioning coaches, who told them about how to plan training, making it specific to their own sport and to use periodisation. This will stand the students in great stead for their major coursework piece in year 13, the Development Plan. Students enjoyed a lunch in the athletes dining hall before taking part in some fitness testing used with the top hockey players. Jump height was measured to test eccentric and concentric muscle strength and then the real hard work began with some running tests outside! Sprint tests and an intermittent shuttle bleep test provided a good measure for the students to compare themselves with the elite. A tour round the fitness gym provided a great deal of insight to the quantity and quality of training the elite do as they saw the Great Britain Canoe team training, with the female canoeists managing to do just a few more chin ups that Mr Colman.

The whole day was fantastic and will provide the students with an amazing insight into the workings of elite sport. This will prepare them extremely well for their A2 course and also their future career choices. A huge thank you must go to the staff of Bisham Abbey EIS for hosting us and providing such a superb experience for students and teaching staff.