Sixth Form Students provide Artwork for St Andrew’s new Adolescent Unit at the National Brian Injury Centre

Previously, Les Groucott, Quality Manager, St Andrew’s, has presented Brain Injury Awareness sessions and workshops to Year 12 students. On her last visit, Les commented on how impressed she was with the artwork around the School and a new project for our Year 12 students was born. With plenty of empty wall space to fill, students were commissioned to produce artwork to reflect the theme of ‘summer holidays’ to hang in the new Elgar unit.

The Elgar unit, based at St Andrew’s Healthcare, Northampton, is the first dedicated brain injury rehabilitation service for adolescents and was opened on 5 July by Professor Nick Alderman, Consultant Neuropsychologist at St Andrew’s.

Two of our students, L Parker and E Barker, were accompanied by Mrs Wilkie and Ms Haines to present the first pieces of art to Tony Griffiths, Hospital Director. Their canvases ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Ice Cream Cone’ were welcomed appreciatively.

We hope to build on our links with Elgar through music and drama workshops to support the young residents in the unit.

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