National Science and Engineering week – March 12th – 16th

National Science and Engineering Week is an annual national event held between March 12th and 16th. CCS saw this as a great opportunity to celebrate our STEM achievements and inspire more students to get involved. A huge number of activities took place including CCS’s very first Science Fair, cross curricular projects and STEM themed educational visits.

The outcomes have been fantastic:

We owe a huge thanks to the STEM Council for all the hard work they put into making this week a success and look forward to making this event even bigger and better next


208 STEM lessons

5 days of science experiments in the street at lunchtime

4 STEM related trips

1 amazing Science Fair with 18 teams taking part

3 after school activities

2 regional or national competitions

3 quizzes

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work. We look forward to making this event bigger and better next year.