The Bloodhound Project Monday 23rd April 2012

BLOODHOUND is the ultimate jet and rocket powered racing car, designed to reach speeds over 1,000mph and set a new World Land Speed Record when it runs on its desert racecourse in 2013.

The project was assembled to meet an American challenge to the British held World Land Speed record (763mph/MACH 1.02) and has been expanded to include education activities to inspire school children to consider careers in science, technology and engineering. The BLOODHOUND Project is endeavouring to be the catalyst through which young people will acquire the skills and develop innovative talent that will enable them to overcome the challenges we face on a global scale.

We have a Bloodhound Project team member in school with us all day on Monday and the team have offered to hold an evening for parents, staff and students who are interested in learning more about the project, watching the videos and seeing more of the prototype designs.

Lecture Theatre 7pm to 9pm Monday 23rd April 2012

If you would like to come along please email Entry is free and everyone is welcome.