STEM – Developing links with local organisations

The quick and effective implementation of STEM activities within our school has secured CCS the support of Northampton University, who have provided us with a number of fantastic opportunities. These include the recent ‘Connecting Girls – Inspiring Futures’ event which enabled a group of our Y10 girls to spend the day with female STEM industry experts including Principal Engineer at Cosworth and a Space Scientist who manages a team of 25 engineers to design and build components for satellites.

The team at the University will also be supporting us in an Innovation Week project, providing us with support and access to their facilities.

We have also been lucky enough to be invited to FESTO – a locally-based company leading the way in the development of pneumatic and electric drive technology and owner of largest number of patents in the world.

National Marketing Managers, Nigel Dawson and Jacqui Hanbury, spent the morning with a selected group of Y9 students, explaining how the spark of an idea can be taken through a process of design and experimentation to create a whole new concept. It was amazing to see how a very simple aspect of the natural world can be taken and adapted to build something truly revolutionary.

FESTO describe themselves as the organisation that ‘make the things that make the things, that make the things’. Students were able to explore a wide array of contraptions and had great fun guessing exactly what function they could perform on the production line. They then were able to take part in tasks, testing and selecting components – a real taste of the world of engineering.

Thanks very much to everyone at FESTO. We really looking forward to returning in July with a group of our Y12 students.