Year 8 Netball v Campion

The Year 8 netball team had a tough start to the season, travelling to Campion on a grey afternoon.  The game started off with Campion going into an early lead but E Walters steadied the defence along with E Blincow.   J Muddiman and L Beevors made their debuts as GK, sharing the position.  E Burnham and L Nash worked well with A Wyeth and soon CCS took control.

Half time Campion 4 CCS 9

In the 2nd half S Brooks worked well with E Box, E Burnham and L Nash and CCS continued to increase their lead and dominate the match although the Campion GD played an amazing game and CCS had to work hard to earn their victory.  E Walters dominated the CCS defence and the team did really well to keep the Campion score to only 4.

Final score Campion 4 CCS 21.

Player of the match E Burnham although special mention to E Walters and L Nash who also had a memorable match