Volcano Evening Lecture – Tuesday 12th March 2013

National Science & Engineering Week

Evening Lecture – Tuesday 12th March

As part of the National Science and Engineering week Caroline Chisholm School are delighted to announce that Professor Nick Petford, the current Vice Chancellor of The University of Northampton and internationally renowned volcanologist, has agreed to hold an evening lecture on Tuesday 12th March 2013 on the subject of ‘Volcanos’.

The event will take place in the Lecture Theatre, commencing at 6.30pm and finishing around 8pm, and places are limited.  We ask that guests arrive and are seated by 6.20pm to ensure the start of the lecture is not delayed or disrupted.

We would very much like to invite you to attend the Lecture and enclose an invitation for you and your colleagues along with a biography of Professor Petford for your information.  Please complete and return the reply card, indicating the number of people that will be attending, by Thursday 7th March 2013.

We look forward to receiving your reply and welcoming you to the event.  Should you have any questions or further queries, please contact Mrs Wendy Pearmain on her email, WPearmain@ccs.northants.sch.uk.

Yours faithfully

Louise Allen

Administrator for Business & Enterprise/STEM




Biography of Professor Nick Petford


Professor Nick Petford is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton, previously Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) at Bournemouth University and before that, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Kingston University.  Nick has worked in industry (BP) and on academic and commercial research projects throughout the world, most recently as a consultant to DFID (UK) and CONICYT, the National Research Council for Chile.  Nick is a former Royal Society University Research Fellow and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge.  He has held visiting research appointments at the Universities of Michigan and Vermont (USA) and NASA and is currently visiting professor at Macquarie University (Australia) and the Open University.

Nick is known internationally for his expertise in magmatic systems and volcanology and is a highly cited author with over 250 journal papers, abstracts, book reviews and other articles to his name (some from a brief stint as a journalist at the Times Higher).  His research work embraces field investigations and mathematical modeling of the flow of molten rock on earth and other planets, and the mechanical stability of volcanoes. He is currently working with colleagues at NASA on the physics of ice magma.  Most recently he has begun research work on the fluid dynamics of blood flow and 3D structure of drainage apparatus in the human eye.  In 2005 the BBC featured the work of his research team in the TV documentary `Krakatoa Revealed’.  During the 2010 eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano he was flown over to front the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Volcano That Stopped the World’.  Nick has also contributed to the debate on energy usage and climate change and is currently working on a British Council-funded social enterprise project, in the Niger Delta, on malaria reduction and on social innovation projects in the UK.

Nick has also contributed to the debate on energy usage and climate change and is currently working on a British Council-funded social enterprise project in the Niger Delta in an effort to reduce child mortality from malaria and on developing new methods for imaging radon tracks for environmental health monitoring.

Nick is currently a member of the Universities UK Board, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association Board, the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Board, Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership Board and the Northamptonshire Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.  He is also a Director of Floodstop, a company that manufactures and sells flood defence barriers.