Mock Trial Competition March 2013

Caroline Chisholm School once again took a team of some very talented Year 8 and 9 students to the Magistrates Mock Trial competition which this year was held at Coventry Magistrates Courts.  The students have prepared for months for this competition and spent many hours honing their speeches and arguments so we were hoping for a good showing from all of them and that is exactly what we got.

After a couple of initial mistakes the team settled into their rhythm and performed admirably in the first case, making some solid arguments and examining witnesses with aplomb.  The students showed wonderful confidence and it never seizes to amaze me how our students can cope so well under intense pressure, whilst trying to keep their nerves under control.  Overall, the case was very close and I couldn’t decide whether we would win it or not.

Things were much clearer in the second case where our students stepped up a gear and our witnesses, clerk and lawyers put in another excellent performance.  I was very confident that we would win this round as we made no mistakes at all and our two lawyers, L Beevors and C Marshall put the witnesses from our opponent’s school under intense pressure.  In fact, so impressive was C Marshall’s cross examination that her witness actually stormed out of the witness box in frustration and had to be recalled by the lead magistrate.  L Beevors was just as imposing with her performance and was rewarded at the end with the award of best prosecution lawyer during the heat.

By the end of the competition I thought that perhaps we had just done enough to win the competition but as it turned out, although we did win both of our cases, so too did Rugby High School and they narrowly beat us on total points scored.  Therefore we bowed out of this year’s competition, disappointed but also immensely proud of our achievements.

Although we did not go through the students can be extremely pleased with their performance and their achievements this year.  All of these students worked tirelessly for this competition and as far as I am concerned, they have shown courage and ability in spades.  Skills they have developed during this competition will stand them in good stead in later years and hopefully along the way they enjoyed themselves and made a few new friends as well.