CCS Movember Team!

Male members of CCS make the ultimate sacrifice for Movember!

Some of you may be aware of the fundraising event ‘Movember’. This is an event that consists of groups of people who grow a moustache for the entire month of November. The participants can shape the moustache but cannot shave it off at all for the whole month. No other facial hair is allowed.

Some of the staff here at CCS along with some of our bravest sixth form male students have decided to risk ridicule, embarrassment and quite a few funny stares from other colleagues, parents and students in order to promote what is a very worthy cause.

As well as having some fun as we laugh at each other’s attempts to cultivate the largest moustaches that we possibly can (see Mr McKenna’s attempts to grow facial hair in the photo), the serious aim is to raise awareness and money for testicular and prostrate cancer, and also mental health issues in males. To find out more about these issues please visit the website at

Please feel free to offer us encouragement or congratulate us on our brave efforts to put up with this uncomfortable experience when you encounter us around or outside of the school.  We appreciate your kind support in our noble sacrifice, where we put our razors to one side for a month and show solidarity with our fellow Movember colleagues.  We would appreciate you even more if you could see your way to supporting our cause with a financial contribution and you will find a collection bucket at reception and at parent’s evenings for this very purpose.  You can also donate online at our weblink which can be found at

Thank you for your support.

The Mo Bro’s of CCS