Winners of Raspberry Pi Computers Announced

During December, Caroline Chisholm School took part in the International Hour of Code; this gave the opportunity for 1000 students within secondary getting the opportunity to try Computer Science tasks during ICT Lessons.  As a result of this event, Google and OCR gave the school 5 raspberry Pi’s to pass on to students who would use them and learn from them

“We prefer the Pi to be given by the teachers to the students, so they can use them at home as well as at school – we firmly believe it’s the most effective way to learn with one”” – Raspberry Pi foundation

To pass on this opportunity to students, CCS Computer science department ran a competition to find out how pupils would use a Raspberry Pi Computer.

Entries from the competition winners included:

“….(I) want the raspberry pi as a source of experimentation. Having a small, extremely portable device which (unlike my laptop) won’t break as soon as I touch it would be extremely useful. Throughout the years I’ve wanted to try different operating systems, such as Linux, but simply haven’t had access to a computer system where I could experiment with no strings attached. Again, the benefits of having this machine throughout my GCSE computing course are unimaginable and the experience of setting up my own operating system would be extremely beneficial.” – O Shaw (Year 10)

“…I Believe I should have the computer because I enjoy learning about coding, and would benefit from this. Also, because I think this would increase my interest further, and give me a chance to continue my learning at home.” – K Browett (Year 8)

” I think that I should have the Raspberry Pi because I really enjoy programming and I think that the Raspberry Pi will help me practise more on Programming” – A Walker (Year 8)

“It would be fun just to play around with it and see what it can do. I’m anticipating it will provide many hours of entertainment just figuring out novel uses for it.” – J Joseph (Year 12)

“It is..  a great opportunity to let me gain experience of setting up an OS on a computer and experimenting with different OS’s and codes on it.” –R Dickinson (Year 10)

The Computer Science department is looking forward to the winning students reporting back in 6 weeks’ time what they have done with their Raspberry pi.