Year 11 Additional Revision Sessions

8 May 2014

Dear Parent,

Please find attached a schedule of additional revision sessions we have arranged for students in Year 11.  Other revision sessions will continue to run and many teachers are arranging other sessions with individual classes. The schedule enclosed consists of additional revision sessions that are the day before or in some cases the morning of a particular subject exam, so that students can practise for a particular paper. These sessions are all optional and whilst students are in school we will encourage students to attend. If they are not at these sessions their lessons will continue as normal.

After the May half term, we would appreciate your support in encouraging students to attend the additional revision sessions of the subjects they are studying. If students want to come into school to revise at other times after the May half term, then they are most welcome to do so and we can find quiet locations for them to revise (please remind students to sign in).

On the 20th May and 3rd June we have organised a last minute hints and tips assembly for the English exams and would like to see as many student as possible in for 08.30 a.m.

The 17th June will be the Year 11 celebration day.  Whilst this is optional we would like to see as many students as possible attending. Students are welcome from 09.30 and can wear fancy dress and bring shirts for signing etc. We will also present the students awards on this day that students have been voting for in tutor time.  Lunch will be provided for students before finishing around 12.30.

Click here to view Year 11 Extra revision sessions timetable 2014

Yours faithfully,


Phil Ashton
Assistant Principal