Living Rainforest Educational Visit

9th May 2014

Dear Parents


We have arranged a trip to The Living Rainforest in Newbury, Berkshire on Monday 9th June 2014. This visit has been organised to support and enrich the children’s learning about Rainforests as part of our summer Learning Theme ‘Green’, as it provides excellent hands-on experience of a living rainforest.  During the visit the children will be taken on a tour, focussing on how plants and animals have adapted to suit living in a rainforest environment. The children will learn about the ability of rainforest leaves to get rid of excess water; plant adaptations to maximise light and nutrient uptake; and the way various animals are suited to life in the rainforest.

In order to get as much from our day as possible, the coach will leave school at 9.00 a.m. and will return at approximately 4:30 p.m. (traffic permitting). Your child will require a packed lunch in a named disposable bag – no fizzy drinks please.  Please provide your child with a bottle of water in addition to their lunch time drink. School uniform should be worn.  Please ensure your child has plenty to drink as it will be very humid in the rainforest area.

A voluntary contribution of £14.00 to cover the cost of coach travel, a guided tour and a chance to explore the rainforest is requested and is available to pay via our Parent Pay system, which is our preferred method of payment.  This contribution is voluntary but where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the visit possible then it will be cancelled.  Parents’ support for the school in providing additional curriculum enrichment experiences is much appreciated.

Please complete the slip below and send it back to school, in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and “Living Rainforest Trip”, by Monday 26th May.

The children will have the opportunity to visit the Rainforest gift shop and they may bring a maximum of £2 to spend if they so wish but this is not a requirement.  All money should be in a named purse and pound coins would be helpful. Your child may bring a camera but the school will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

Yours sincerely

Miss Carter and Mrs McNair

Year 3 Class Teachers


I give permission for my child ____________________________ Class ___   to participate in the Living Rainforest visit on Monday 9th June 2014.

I confirm that payment of £14.00 has been made via ParentPay at

My child has the following medical condition(s) that you need to be aware of: _______________________________________________________________

Signed ________________________(Parent) Print Name__________________________
Date ______________