Year 8 Language and Technology Options

22 May 2014

Dear Parent

As the end of Year 8 approaches, there are some option choices the students will need to make in preparation for the Year 9 Languages and Technology courses.

Language Options guidance:

As I am sure you are aware your child has been studying both French and Spanish this year. They have had two lessons per week per language. In Year 9 students will be able to continue to study both languages or specialise in Spanish only. At Caroline Chisholm School we teach Spanish as our principal language; however, we are keen to offer both French and Spanish to all our students.

Students will need to opt to study French and Spanish or just Spanish in Year 9. If your child opts to study both French and Spanish they will continue with two lessons of French and two lessons of Spanish. Students will be able to opt to study either language at GCSE or even both if they wish.

Students are also able to opt to study only Spanish in Year 9. This means they will have four lessons a week of Spanish and these lessons will not only cover the language content but students will also work on Cultural Projects to widen their knowledge of the Hispanic world. Students will then be able to choose Spanish at GCSE in year 10 if they wish. This option means that they will no longer study French and will be unable to study French at GCSE as they will have missed the necessary skills developed during Year 9 course.

If your child has not studied French this year in order to have extra literacy sessions, they will continue to study just Spanish next year. If your child has only studied French and not Spanish owing to literacy, they will continue with their French only lessons.

Technology Options guidance:

Your child has had a broad range of Technology subjects during their time with us. They have experienced rotations in Textiles, Food, Electronics, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Design Skills where they have made a wide range of products. These rotations have been six-eight weeks in length so that we could offer students a broad experience.

In Year 9 students will be continuing with Technology where they will study three areas for ten-eleven weeks. We would like students to select one option they would most like to do from Product Design (wood, metal, plastic and card) Food, Textiles or Graphics. This will allow us to deliver a more worthwhile experience and enable students to become more independent, produce a higher quality end product in their chosen subjects and gain a better foundation for GCSE if they choose to take the subject further. We have been very pleased with the increase in attainment levels and students enjoyment after running this system for the past few years.

Your child will therefore get one preferred choice and two others at random.

Please could you take some time to discuss the options with your son or daughter and then ensure that your child completes the option choices by clicking here by Friday 6th June.

If you have any queries or questions about languages please contact Mr Scott and Miss Walsh if you have any questions regarding the Technology choices

Yours Faithfully,

Richard Scott                                                               Laura Walsh
Head of KS3 for MFL                                                  Subject Leader for Technology