Alumni ~ Send Us Your Story

Dear Parent,

You may be aware that this year marks the 10th Anniversary of Caroline Chisholm School and the Wooldale Centre for Learning.

We are always thrilled to hear about the achievements of our CCS students once they have left school; however, there may be many accomplishments that we do not get to hear about. We have set up our first CCS Alumni blog online, in which ex-students can share their stories. It is a great opportunity for CCS Alumni to see what their fellow students are now doing.

The CCS Alumni blog is easy to access by following this link:

You can also access this page via the school website homepage under CCS People. ( Ex- Students will be able to complete a short on line form and the information will be updated to the CCS Alumni page.

How can you help?

Do you have or know of a child who has now left CCS? Please could you share with them the sites above and encourage them to “share their story”. Not only will CCS be aware of our CCS Alumni achievements but the stories will be great inspiration for our current students.

Yours sincerely,

Anna Crawte
Assistant Principal